Lawsuit for Airline Seat Size Standards, New American Bag Tags, Chase IHG Cards Issues & More

news roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Read about a new lawsuit over airline seat size minimums, new bag tags coming to American Airlines next year, FlightPath3D Interactive Route Map on Air Canada, H-E-B launches new debit card, and Chase IHG cards not available.

Lawsuit seeks to compel the FAA to establish the seat size minimums, the largest airline passenger organization, on Monday argued its case in front of a three judge panel in the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Section 577 of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act states that the FAA “shall issue regulations that establish minimum dimensions for passenger seats…including minimums for seat pitch, width, and length, and that are necessary for the safety of passengers.”

Nearly three years have passed since the 2019 deadline for this rulemaking. The FAA has stated it views the statute as optional if it believes that seat standards are not necessary to ensure passenger safety. Paul Hudson, President of, stated, “Congress and the public have made it clear that minimum seat standards are needed for passenger safety. Passengers have continued to grow taller, larger, and older while seats have continued to shrink. The FAA must examine how shrinking seats are jeopardizing passenger safety when it comes to deep vein thrombosis, emergency evacuation, and the brace position.”

New ‘Numbered Checked Bag Tags’ Are Coming To American Airlines Next Year

America Airlines is redesigning its bag tags, for use when you check luggage. The idea of these new tags is to help avoid lost luggage when you’re connecting between flights. The new tags will be numbered based how much time you have for your connecting flight, and if all goes well will debut early next year.

FlightPath3D Interactive Route Map Debuts on Air Canada

FlightPath3D, the leader in moving map technology, announces Air Canada has launched its WhereWeFly interactive route map on its Panasonic seatback IFE and Thales Wireless Portal. The new map allows passengers to explore routes and view flights as part of their continued commitment to enhancing the customer experience.

H-E-B launches new debit card that offers cash back and other perks

The Texas grocery chain has launched a Debit Account program that will give customers 5% cash back when buying qualifying H-E-B brand products. You will also be able to add funds to your Debit Account by linking another debit card which makes funds available in minutes, or by enrolling in direct deposit to get paid up to two days earlier.

Chase IHG Cards Removed From Chase/IHG Websites

The Chase IHG cards are currently not showing on the Chase or IHG websites and existing application links also error out. It’s unclear why they have been removed at this stage.

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