Hyatt All-Inclusive Fee, Grubhub Mess, Worst Credit Card and More

news roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Read about a new Hyatt fee for the recently added all-inclusives, messy Grubhub promo, new way to redeem ANA miles, 35 US towns that look straight out of Europe, and best Vrbo rentals.

Yikes! Hyatt Has A Cancellation Fee On All Inclusive Booking

Hyatt added 52 new properties last week and have another 40 or so still on the way. These additional properties unlocked a 5th brand explorer free night opportunity and they even have some properties starting at the rock bottom price of 12,000 World of Hyatt points a night. But, some people noticed a Hyatt all inclusive hotel cancellation fee on the newly added AMR properties.

Worst Credit Card Ever?

“The Milestone Mastercard represents one potential achievement on your journey to successfully managing your credit”, says the The Bank of Missouri. But it comes with a 35.9% APR, and tons of fees. Let us know if you have seen worse.

Grubhub offered free lunches in New York City. That’s when the chaos began

Grubhub ran a free lunch promotion for New Yorkers on Tuesday. I was able to place an order myself. But, many others who tried to redeem this deal in all five NYC boroughs, saw a slew of canceled orders, undelivered food, and restaurants that found themselves overwhelmed by sudden and unexpected demand. Demand surged and at one point there were 6,000 orders a minute coming through the app.

ANA Miles Can Now Be Redeemed For Amazon Gift Cards

ANA added a new option to redeem miles for Amazon gift cards or Macy’s gift cards – 12,000 miles gets you $100 gift card which give a .83 cents-per-point value. Not a good proposition, but it is an extra option for redeeming Membership Rewards points for Amazon at .83 cents.

35 American Towns That Look Straight Out of Europe

Before you shell out hundreds (or, most likely, thousands) of dollars traveling across the ocean, you may want to look closer to home: There are plenty of cities in the United States that look just like those quaint, historic destinations in Europe. You’re going to want to go to all of them, so start saving now!

Vrbo reveals the 2022 U.S. Vacation Homes of the Year

Today, Vrbo revealed its first-ever list of Vacation Homes of the Year to recognize ten best-in-class vacation homes across the U.S. The stunning private vacation homes range from the sunny beaches of Florida to the mountains of Montana and are ideal places for families and friends to stay together.

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