How to Find Hotel Emails, Circa Sweepstakes, Nexo Card, 70 Unexpected AUs, and Giant Arrows

news roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Find out how to find hotel emails and ask for upgrades, Circa Resort & Casino sweepstakes, world’s first crypto backed card, America’s giant arrows, and Cali woman surprised by 70 AUs.

How to Get the Hotel Email of Any Major Hotel & Ask For an Upgrade

All of the four major hotel chains offer upgrades upon availability at check-in, which is what the terms of the elite program are. This is why it is important to contact the hotel, since they have full control of their room inventory, and can also decide whether or not to give you an upgrade. Since the hotel is still following the rules, the hotel doesn’t have to upgrade you. But, emailing them means a higher chance of being upgraded.

Circa Resort & Casino Launches “Ladies’ Getaway” Sweepstakes

Circa Resort & Casino – downtown Las Vegas’ adults-only casino-resort – is launching a “Ladies’ Getaway” sweepstakes. One lucky winner will be whisked to Las Vegas with up to eight of her friends for a two-night trip of a lifetime in the entertainment capital of the world.

During their stay, the group will receive up to eight round-trip flights to Las Vegas; luxurious accommodations in a 1,300-square-foot suite; a pool experience in a cabana at Stadium Swim, Circa’s year-round rooftop pool aquatheater; a shopping spree at the property’s swim store, Circa Collections; and much more.

World’s First Crypto Backed Credit Card

Major crypto lender Nexo has joined hands with payment giant Mastercard to launch the world’s very first crypto enabled payment card! This kindles forth optimism for a crypto economy that doesn’t necessarily have to totally dismantle the conventional economy. With this ambitious collab, virtual digital assets are set to become mainstream. The card will be piloted initially in some EU nations. The crypto backed card is linked to Nexo and can be used at any of the 92 million merchants that accept Mastercard.

America’s Giant Arrows: Do They Still Exist, & Where?

At one point, America’s giant arrows were a life-saving measure, put in place to help guide the ways of those whose job it was to travel on a daily basis. Today, they’ve since (mostly) fallen into disuse but for some reason, many of them have never been disposed of.

California woman shocked to find 70 credit cards issued to complete strangers added to her account

This woman suddenly received a stack of mail containing not one or two, but 70 Chase bank credit cards, issued to 70 complete strangers, all on her credit card account. Even more troubling — it never raised a red flag when someone added 70 names to her account. Instead, the bank went ahead and issued all those fraudulent credit cards.

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