New SPG Sweepstakes, Win Up To 5 Nights And 50,000 Starpoints

Play the SPG Open More game for your chance to instantly win 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 Starpoints or 1 Free Night Award. To play the game, you go here, enter your SPG number and select one of the cards. If you’re a winner, you’ll get your points or the free night. If not, then you’ll be entered to win the grand prize: 5 Free Night Awards and 50,000 Starpoints.


You can play daily until September 12th. Let me know if you win. I’m 0 for 1 so fare and I didn’t win anything during their last sweepstakes either.

SPG More for You, Up To Triple Starpoints

Open More leads to a new promo that starts on September 12th, “SPG More for You”. You’ll earn double Starpoints on weekday stays of two or more nights and triple Starpoints on weekends. Registration begins September 12 and you need to book your stays between September 12 and December 18, 2016.

HT: pizzainmotion

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