Neuriva Settlement, Eligible Consumers Can Get Up to $65

Neuriva Settlement

Neuriva Settlement, Eligible Consumers Can Get Up to $65

Several consumers have filed a class action lawsuit against Reckitt Benckiser LLC and RB Health on behalf of themselves and all other persons for false claims made about their products. Defendants advertised that Neuriva products are clinically and scientifically “proven” and such representations are false and misleading. Plaintiffs maintain that Defendants actions constitute violations of various states’ consumer protection laws, as well as other laws. Neuriva products claim to help fuel 6 indicators of brain health: memory, focus, learning, accuracy, concentration & reasoning.

Reckitt denies Plaintiffs’ claims and charges, denies that it has violated any laws, and maintains that the labeling, packaging, and marketing of Neuriva® Products have always been truthful and not deceptive. The Court did not decide in favor of the Plaintiffs or Defendants. Instead, both sides agreed to a settlement that they believe is a fair, reasonable, and adequate compromise of their respective positions. The parties reached this agreement only after extensive negotiations, an exchange of information, and consideration of the risks and benefits of settlement.

Who’s Eligible?

You are part of the Settlement if between January 1, 2019 and up to and including April 23, 2021 (the “Class Period”), you purchased in the United States for consumption, and not resale, bottles of Neuriva® Products, including all variations and sizes of Neuriva Original, Neuriva Plus, and Neuriva De-Stress.

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Settlement Payout

Reckitt shall pay a certain monetary relief to each Class Member who submits a Valid Claim for purchase(s) of Neuriva Product. This is based upon the following two-tier, capped claims-made settlement structure:

  • Class Members who provide Proof(s) of Purchase can recover thirty-two dollars and fifty cents ($32.50) per Valid Claim and may make up to two (2) Claims for a maximum of sixty-five dollars ($65.00). Notwithstanding the preceding, in no circumstance shall Reckitt pay an amount that exceeds the actual purchase amount reflected in a Settlement Class Member’s Proof of Purchase.
  • Class Members who do not provide Proof of Purchase can recover five dollars ($5.00) per Claim and may make up to four (4) Claims for a maximum of twenty dollars ($20.00).
  • Valid Claims shall be paid by Reckitt pursuant to a total maximum, or cap, of eight million dollars ($8,000,000.00).
  • Valid Claims shall be limited to one Settlement Class Member per Household.

To receive a payment, you must submit a Claim Form within 45 days after the Court issues final approval. Most likely that means sometime in April or May, but there’s no exact deadline.

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Neuriva Settlement Details

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