Moneymaker, Sears Gift Cards 15% Off on eBay

Physical Sears gift cards are being sold at 15% discount on eBay by GiftCardMall. You can buy $100 Sears gift cards for $85 but there’s a limit of two per account. This can be a nice deal stil with all the cash back you can get and especially with the discounted eBay gift cards from Target.


Here’s the steps:

  • If you haven’t already done so, buy $100 eBay gift cards at Target for $85.50. So you’re starting with a 14.5% discount
  • Go to eBay from TopCachBack to earn 1.2% or $2.04 (My referral if you don’t have a TopCashBack account)
  • Buy 2┬áSears gift cards using the eBay gift cards that you purchased from Target

There also a targeted offer for 3x eBay Bucks that will give you 6% back, or $10.20 in total. So this becomes a pretty nice deal for not much work and a more than 35% discount.

You can use the Sears gift cards yourself to purchase merchandise at Sears (extra discounts by going through a portal again), or you can sell them for 84% of their value for code only.

HT: oren’s moneysaver and dan’s deals

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