Mint Mobile, 3-Month Prepaid SIM Card Kit 8GB/M for $30

Mint Mobile, 3-Month Prepaid SIM Card Kit 8GB/M for $30

Best Buy is selling the Mint Mobile’s 3-Month Prepaid SIM Card Kit with 8GB of data per month for $30. That is a price of just $10 per month for one year. With the plan you get:

  • FREE international calls to Mexico and Canada
  • FREE Mobile HotSpot
  • WiFi Calling & Text
  • 8GB of 4G LTE data per month; data speeds reduce to 2G after monthly allowance but data is unlimited
  • With our BYOP program, bring your own unlocked GSM phone (you love it, cracks and all)

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Offer Terms

  • You cannot use the new sim to continue an already active line in Mint Mobile.
  • Must activate within 45 days of purchase.
  • Prepaid SIM card includes standard, micro and nano sizes

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