Free $5 Amazon Gift Card with Miles App

Miles is a new app that lets people rack up miles based on all the different modes of ground transportation they use to move around each day. The greener the transportation method, the bigger a multiplier assigned to those miles. One mile traveled in a car nets you one reward mile, for example, while one mile in a ride-share is worth two, a mile of biking is worth five, and one mile of walking or running is worth 10.

miles app $5 gift card

Rack up enough miles, and you can trade them in for rewards like $5 gift cards at Starbucks, Amazon, or Target or even a complimentary rental on Audi’s Silvercar service.. The downside is that you’re being tracked.

If you’re not a fan of the app, you can still just sign up, get 2,000 miles and redeem them for a free $5 Amazon gift card. You can then delete the app. For now it is only available to iPhone users. Android version is coming out soon.

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    • I checked earlier today on a friend’s phone and it was there. I have Android myself. What options do you see?

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