Marriott Devaluation Coming March 26th

Marriott has published their list of hotels that are changing categories or tiers in 2016. The category or tier determines how many points are required for free nights. I’m calling this a devaluation since most of the changes are in the wrong direction, making lots of hotels more expensive.


DoC has crunched the numbers. A total of 797 properties are changing categories (18% of all properties are changing award levels), 30% of those changing are decreasing by one category and 70% are increasing. The majority of the properties going up in price are located in the United States (94%), while a much higher portion of those going down a category are for properties outside the United States (36%).

So redemption will get much worse for properties in the US starting March 26th. The full list can be found here. Or use this sort-able spreadsheet provided by the always helpful folks on reddit.

If you’re planning a vacation with Marriott stays, make sure you check your hotel, to see if it will be affected and make plans accordingly. If it will get more expensive, you should book now to lock in the lower rate. If it happens to get cheaper after March 26th, then just wait if you can.

The Chase Marriott credit card has a 80K sign up bonus right now and it also offers a free night every anniversary on Category 1-5 hotels.

How many hotels are affected?

  • 82% of the properties remain unchanged.
  • 62% of all the properties will remain in Categories 1-4
  • 18% of the hotels are changing
  • 30% are decreasing by one category and 70% are increasing by one category
    • 560 hotels are going up a category (6% of those are outside the US)
    • 237 hotels are going down a category (36% of those are outside the US)

Here’s the Marriott Category breakdown

marriott rewards.jpeg

Let us know how this affect you, or alters your travel plans.


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