Lufthansa Agrees to $50 Million Settlement Over Covid Refunds

Lufthansa Refunds Settlement

Lufthansa Refunds Settlement

Lufthansa has agreed to pay a settlement of $50 million for failing to refund consumers at all, or within a reasonable amount of time, for flights canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. A class action lawsuit accuses the airline of breaching its General Conditions of Carriage. The settlement includes two subclasses: a subclass of consumers who have received refunds for their flights and a subclass of consumers who have not received refunds.

Lufthansa denies that it did anything wrong and maintains that it did provide refunds within a reasonable amount of time particularly given Covid-19’s impact on Lufthansa’s operations and the airline industry generally. However, the parties have agreed to settle to avoid the cost, delay, and uncertainty of continuing the litigation.

Those who have already received refunds can get $10 in cash or a $45 voucher. Those who didn’t get a refund yet, will receive their refunds and an additional 1% in interest. Check out the details of this Lufthansa settlement below, and see how these refunds work.

Who’s Eligible?

The Settlement Class under the Settlement includes: all persons who purchased tickets for travel on a Lufthansa flight scheduled to operate to or from the United States between January 1, 2020 and August 16, 2021 whose flights were cancelled by Lufthansa.

If you are still not sure whether you are included in the Settlement Class, you can call toll-free 1-888-290- 8313 or visit for more information.

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Settlement Payout

Those who have already received a refund from Lufthansa for a Qualifying Flight may elect to receive either:

  • $10 cash.
  • a $45 Voucher to use on future travel with Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines, or Brussels Airlines.

Those who have not already received a refund from Lufthansa for a Qualifying Flight, upon submission of a Valid Claim, will receive:

  • the full amount of the refund due; plus
  • an additional Interest Payment of one percent (1%) of the refund due.

The Interest Payments, plus the Cash Option and the Voucher Option discussed above, are subject to a cap of $3.5 million, which is inclusive of Attorneys’ Fees and other costs and expenses. The amount paid to each Settlement Class Member will be reduced pro rata if claims plus fees exceed $3.5 million. The refunds available to Settlement Class Members who have not already received a refund are not subjected to the $3.5 million cap.

In order to receive payment from Lufthansa, you must submit your Claim Form by the Claims Deadline, no later than May 9, 2023. The final approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for May 15, 2023.

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Lufthansa Settlement Details

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