Lufthansa Set to Buy 40% Stake in ITA Airways

Lufthansa ITA Airways

Lufthansa Set to Buy 40% Stake in ITA Airways

“It’s only a matter of days”. That’s what Italian newspaper Il Foglio is reporting about Lufthansa purchasing a 40% stake in ITA Airways.

ITA Airways has only been around for a few months. It started flying on October 15 as the successor to Alitalia, the 75-year old former national carrier which went bankrupt.

The newspaper did not specify a price for the deal, but said the two companies are close to agreeing to the major terms. One of the points that needs to ironed out is the newspaper the role of the Fiumicino airport in Rome as a hub for flights to Africa and the Americas.

A strategic plan will be presented by ITA Airways management on January 31. That’s when the full details of this possible deal could be revealed, plus the rumored revival of the Alitalia brand.

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