Kettle Chips Class Action Settlement, up to $20 Rebate

If you purchased Diamond Foods Kettle Brand® products (“Kettle Brand® Products”) labeled as “All Natural,” “Natural,” “Naturally,” “Made with All Natural Ingredients,” “Natural Promise,” or any other derivation of “natural,” “nothing artificial,” “no preservatives,” “non-GMO,” “non-GMO ingredients,” “only natural colors and flavors,” “natural flavors,” “A Natural Obsession,” “real food ingredients,” “Reduced Fat” and/or “___ % Less Fat,” in the United States from January 3, 2010 through and including February 24, 2015, you could be entitled to a payment from a Settlement.

Kettle   Potato Chips

You can apply here online, to receive up to $20 with proof of purchase, or up to $10 without proof. You must apply before 8/1/2015 to qualify.

One thought on “Kettle Chips Class Action Settlement, up to $20 Rebate

  1. my favorite chips. sad to see that the all natural claim was fake, but happy to get $20 back. I have a bunch of receipts 🙂

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