Loacker Quadratini Settlement, Check If You Qualify For A Rebate

You are eligible to file a rebate claim if at any time from March 6, 2010, through September 3, 2015, you made retail purchases of one of more Loacker Quadratini wafer products in all sizes and flavors that were labeled “All Natural” or “natural”.

Loacker Quadratini

The lawsuit claims that the Defendant violated certain laws by labeling and advertising its Quadratini wafers products as “All Natural” and “natural” when they contain allegedly synthetic, artificial, highly processed ingredients, chemical preservatives, and artificial flavors, including cocoa processed with alkali, sodium acid pyrophosphate, soy lecithin, and sodium hydrogen carbonate, glucose syrup, dextrose, milk powders, coffee powders, fruit powders, sugar, and coconut oil.

The Defendant denies that it has done anything wrong or illegal and admits no liability. The Court has not decided that the Class Representatives or the Defendant should win this action. Instead, both sides agreed to a settlement.

this settlement applies to Loacker Quadratini packaged wafers, in all sizes and flavors, and sandwich packaged wafers, in all sizes and flavors that were labeled “All Natural” or “natural.”

What can I get from the settlement?

If you submit a valid Claim Form by the deadline, you can get a refund. Settlement Class Members are eligible for a $3.29 refund for every product for which they submit a valid and adequate Proof of Purchase. Proof of Purchase means receipts, Quadratini and sandwich packaging, or other documentation from a third‐party commercial source reasonably establishing the fact and date of purchase during the Settlement Class Period of the Products. Packaging, including bar codes or UPCs, will constitute Proof of Purchase only if the products claimed by the Settlement Class Member can be identified from the packaging submitted. Settlement Class Members who do not have Proof of Purchase are eligible for a $3.29 refund for each product they purchased up to a maximum of five (5) products.

Settlement Details

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