[Expired] Stevia in the Raw Settlement, Up To $16 Rebate

The lawsuit alleges that Stevia in the Raw brand Consumer Products are not “natural,” “all natural” or “100% natural” and are inaccurately and deceptively labeled as so. The plaintiffs allege that they unnecessarily paid additional money for a product that was not in fact “all natural”. It contained dextrose and maltodextrin a highly processed byproduct of GMO corn.

stevia raw

Cumberland denies that its marketing, advertising, and/or labeling of the Stevia in the Raw Consumer Products is false, deceptive, or misleading to consumers or violates any legal requirement.

You are a member of the Settlement Class if you purchased at least one Stevia in the Raw brand product containing the phrases “natural,” “all natural” or “100% natural” in the United States between October 9, 2009, and July 1, 2014. Settlement Class Members must have both resided in the United States and purchased the product in the United States for their household use or personal consumption and not for resale or distribution.

Cumberland will create a fund of up to $1,547,000 to pay Class Members’ Claims, certain administrative costs, attorneys’ fees and expenses, incentive awards, and other costs. Only $880,000 will be available after fees and expenses are deducted, so most likely it will be a pretty small payout.


Settlement Details

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