Kate Slowly Going Out Of Business At Walmart

Loading at Walmarts has been getting harder and harder. Personally, I haven’t been to a Walmart in a while since all my Serve/Bluebird cards are now useless thanks to the waves of shutdowns by Amex this year. But it looks like it’s getting harder even for those who still have usable Amex prepaid products.


There’s many reports of Kates not accepting VGCs and data points are coming from all over the country in the last few days. As you know these gift cards are the most used ones for MSing purposes. This might night be such bad news for many, since lots of cards were shut down, but it sure hurts some people.

Keep in mind that this is only affecting Kates. But, you’re still able to load VGCs at a cashier or CSR at Walmart. Still, I’d suggest not holding on to too many VGCs if you do not have any other avenues of unloading them. With all these reports of Kates not working, you’d have to wonder if there’s a policy change coming at Walmart and you don’t won’t to get stuck with thousand of gift cards that you’ll have to get rid off through regular spend.

Let us know if you’ve had success recently.

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