Italy Will Reopen Borders on June 3rd

Italy Will Reopen Borders

Italy Will Reopen Borders on June 3rd

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that the country will open its orders on June 3rd. Italy quickly became the hardest hit nation back in March and introduced some of the most strict quarantine orders. But now the country ranks third-highest in the world in numbers of toal deaths due to the virus, and fell to 153 on Saturday, the lowest since March 9th.

Starting June 3rd, it will be possible to enter Italy from any countries in the European Union, from the Schengen area including Switzerland and Monaco. The 14 day quarantine requirement will no longer apply. On the same day, travel will also open up for movement within the country. If you are in the United States, you will need to wait to visit Italy for now.

Even through borders will open, large public gatherings will still be banned. There are some exceptions such as church and other religious services, museums and galleries, and some other venues that will also be able to open. Gyms, swimming pools and sports centres will reopen on May 25, while theatres and cinemas can reopen from June 15.

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