ITA Airways Launches New Non-Stop Routes to 3 US Cities

ITA Airways Non-Stop US Cities

ITA Airways Launches New Non-Stop Routes to 3 US Cities

In summer 2022 ITA Airways will be operating flights to 64 destinations of which 23 are national, 34 are international, and 7 are intercontinental. It is the intercontinental destinations that are the big new feature for this new season of ITA Airways, thanks to its latest-generation Airbus A330s and A350s.

Three of these routes will give Americans new non-stop flights to Rome and Milan in Italy. That includes flights from Miami and Boston which have already started this month, and JFK flights coming in April.

On March 1st, the first, Rome Fiumicino – Miami flight, AZ0630, marked the beginning of a new intercontinental operation. It landed in Miami at 16.40 local time. The Rome FCO – Miami route will operate 3 times a week on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. The return flight will depart Miami at 19.40 local time.

The first Rome Fiumicino – Boston flight, AZ 614, departed yesterday on March 2nd, and will operate twice weekly every Wednesday and Saturday in the first three weeks of March, to be increased to 3 weekly frequencies starting from the last week of March. Operated by an Airbus A330, it will depart Rome at 10.20, landing in Boston at 14.00 local time. The return Boston – Rome Fiumicino flight will depart at 17.10 local time, landing in Rome at 07.00 local time.

The Rome Fiumicino – Miami and Rome Fiumicino – Boston flights will increase during the summer season and will rise from 3 to 5 weekly frequencies in the months of April and May. From June to September these flights will become daily. 

On April 2nd the first ITA Airways intercontinental flight will depart from Milan Malpensa to New York JFK. It will operate 5 times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Operated by an Airbus A330, it will depart Milan Malpensa at 12.50, landing in New York at 16.10 local time. The return New York – Milan MXP flight will depart at 20.40 local time, landing at 10.50. The Malpensa – JFK flight joins the Rome FCO – New York JFK that was already operated by ITA Airways in the winter 2021/2022 season. ITA also launched Rome Fiumicino – NYC (JFK) flights in November.

From June 2022 there will also be departures from Rome Fiumicino to new destinations such as Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. There’s no word about bringing back flights from Washington and Chicago for now.

All the new ITA Airways flights can be purchased on the website, from the ITA Airways Call Center, or from travel agencies and airport ticket offices. ITA Has also revealed more details about its new Volare loyalty program.

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