Schiff Glucosamine Supplements Settlement, Up to $50

Consumers who purchased one or more of the covered products for personal use between January 1st 2005 and May 27, 2015, are aligible to receive $12 to $50 as part of the Schiff Glucosamine Joint Health Supplement Class Action Settlement.

Schiff Glucosamine

You can file a claim online.

Covered products include:

  • Move Free
  • Move Free Advanced
  • Pain Free
  • Lubriflex
  • Great American Nutrition
  • Metaform
  • Muscle Tribe
  • Victory
  • Schiff
  • Kirkland
  • Member’s Mark
  • Spring Valley

Settlement Details

  • File claim here
  • Settlement Pool: $5,000,000
  • Rebate: Up to $12 with no proof, up to $50 with proof of purchase
  • Proof of Purchase Required: No
  • Deadline: 09/24/15

2 thoughts on “Schiff Glucosamine Supplements Settlement, Up to $50

  1. Just received a check for this settlement in the amount of $97 even though I only submitted a claim for 3 items I purchased. Guess it can pay to give these a shot even though initially they said I might only get around $12. Must not have been too many who submitted claims so the total amount was divided up by fewer claimants.

    • Oh wow. That sure is surprising, especially considering that the settlement pool isn’t that large, just $5M. That was probably the case, not many claims.

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