(Video) India Lockdown Enforced with Police Brutality, But Leaves Many Stranded

India Lockdown Police Brutality

India Lockdown Enforced with Police Brutality

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi announced a total lockdown on March 23rd. That is a drastic measure for the country of 1.3 billion in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus that has yet to hit the country in large numbers. The lockdown was announced only a few hours before it went into effect, leaving many unprepared as domestic flights, trains and buses were all shut down. But police are enforcing the order with some outrageous methods, beating with batons people they see in the streets.

Here is a video showing the police brutality:

There is one report that a man that stepped out to buy milk, was beaten by police and later died. His wife reportedly claimed that he was hit with a lathi when the police were clearing a gathering on the street. Police refute the claim and alleged that the man died from cardiac arrest.

Other issues are also arising from the lockdown. Many people are stranded without income and without work. Thousands of migrants also found themselves stranded across India as they had no time to get back home before it went into effect. Many have been seen walking for miles or crammed up in trucks, Al Jezeera reports.

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