Sign Up for iConsumer, Get 500 Shares (Worth ~$85)

iConsumer, a shopping portal that offers stock or cashback for purchases, has a new increased signup bonus. They are offering 500 shares to those who sign up and spend $25. Their stock (RWRDP) is currently worth about 13 cents (17 cents now), so that would be about a $65 bonus ($85 now). The increased signup bonus is valid until June 15th. Usual offer is 100 shares I believe.

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iconsumer signup bonus

Guru’s Wrap-up

The increased bonus was announced by email. It says that they are trying to impress some prospective investors, in a really short time frame. So I guess they’re trying to add as many new accounts as possible. Worth doing it for the bonus, but they are also promising increased cashback rates till then. Hopefully stock goes crazy and we all get rich.

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11 thoughts on “Sign Up for iConsumer, Get 500 Shares (Worth ~$85)”

  1. It’s a royal pain in the arse to first transfer your iConsumer shares to a brokerage and then another pain to actually get them sold for anything resembling a profit. Stay far away from iConsumer unless you like pain and misery. Finally exited my position with this scam portal. Long term play maybe or maybe they’ll go belly up before you can cash out. It’s always easy to get sucked into a scam, it’s how one gets out that counts. Do you homework on the whole scheme before you leap into the abyss.

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  3. I made a qualifying purchase after I received the email from iConsumer on 5/22/19, and I’ve never made a purchase using their portal before even though I signed up with them a long time ago. Based on the information in the email, I assumed I would be receiving the 500 shares for making my first “qualifying purchase,” but it says that I was only given 15.99 shares for that transaction. I spent $50 at Walmart using the iConsumer link. Is it common for iConsumer to “mislead” people, and/or not give them whatever award or incentive that they were lead to believe they will receive once the other person has fulfilled their part of the deal? There are so many companies out there that use “their small print” to justify this kind of behavior (i.e. survey websites, etc). You just don’t know who to trust anymore.

    1. Maybe the bonus takes a while to post? I received an email that a referral made a purchase and I earned the bonus and I don’t see it yet either.
      I’ve never really used them much until the last few weeks that I’ve seen them offer best rate for some merchants.

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