[Dead] Ibotta, $5 Cash Back on $50+ Staples Purchases

I wrote about Ibotta a few weeks ago. One of the biggest bonuses that it offers is at Staples. You can get $5 back on purchase of $50 or more, just by taking a picture of your receipt and uploading it in the Ibotta app. It seemed that the Staples cash back would be very limited,but it turns out that it’s a bit better than expected.

Ibotta App staples

I have a few Staples receipts for purchases of $400+ after the $20 Rebate deal that ended yesterday. I uploaded two receipts on May 27th. The next day I received confirmation that I had earned $5 for one of the receipts, but the other was declined since the Staples offer wasn’t available anymore. On the 30th I received a notification that the Staples Rebate offer is again available in my account. I uploaded another receipt and today I received another $5 rebate.

So it looks like you can do this every few days, so you might be able to get $10-20 back for each Ibotta account that you have. They only give rebates for purchases within the last week, you can’t wait too long to upload your receipts.

Referral Bonus

You can sign up using my referral link or by using my referral code barvucl. You can also refer your friends and family and you’ll receive $2 when they redeem their first rebate. By signing up through my link, you join my team, and the more cash back we earn as a team the more you earn as well. I have a few members on my team that have outdone me by far, earning cash daily on everyday purchases.

Let us know if you notice any other interesting options, or merchants on Ibotta, and share your experience.

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