Hong Kong Ban Tourist Arrivals and Alcohol Sales

hong kong travel ban

Hong Kong Ban Tourist Arrivals and Alcohol Sales

Hong Kong said Monday that it is stopping all tourist arrivals and transit passengers at its airport. It is also considering suspending the sale of alcohol in more than 8,000 bars to fight the spread on the coronavirus that has seen a new surge. The measures comes just two days after the government warned of new cases as people started returning to the region.

From Wednesday, all non-residents that arrive at the airport will be barred entry, with some exceptions. The ban on arrivals will last for 14 days, and then it will be reviewed again. Restrictions will also apply to people from mainland China, Macau and Taiwan who have traveled outside the country recently.

Hong Kong had 39 new cases of coronavirus on Monday. 30 of those who tested positive had recent travel history. Hong Kong now has a total of 357 case and 4 deaths as per Yahoo.

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