Groupon 2-Day Sale, 20% OFF Local Deals, Possible 50% OFF

Groupon is running a two day promo, offering 20% off on any three local deals, on 4/27 and 4/28. They are also offering 10% off on three goods deals and 10% off on three getaways deals.

Groupon  Deals 20

To receive the discount you have to use the promo code SALE3 at checkout.

If you don’t have a Groupon account, which is probably rare these days, you can always use my referral link.

Our reader Amit, also mentioned the following which make this offer much much better. This offer can be combined with an offer from Kroger. You can cureently get $15 off two $25 Groupon gift cards. You need to save the offer to your loyalty account and then use your loyalty card in store to purchase two gift cards. You also get 4x Kroger fuel points. So if you buy a $50 Groupon, you can save 50% plus the fuel points.

I do not have a Kroger location conveniently nearby. I’ll probably try out a new restaurant anyway though. Let us know how you used this deal.

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