Groupon Rewards Challenge: Get $5/$10 Groupon Bucks When You Spend $35/$65

Check out this Groupon Rewards Challenge that can earn you Groupon Bucks when you make purchases.

  • Spend $35 on Local and earn $5 Groupon Bucks, OR
  • Spend $65 on Local and earn $10 Groupon Bucks


Groupon Rewards Challenge

You can purchase stuff you would purchase anyway and even use promo codes. If you spend enough in Local Groupons then you earn $5 or $10 back in Groupon Bucks that can be used on your next purchase. Just make sure you register (click ‘Sign me up!’ here) first and make your purchases before January 12, 2020. Keep in mind that Groupon Bucks you earn will expire 15 days from issuance.

Offer Terms

  • To count, the purchase(s) must occur after you’ve signed up for the challenge.
  • The amount of a purchase made with Groupon Bucks, promo codes, or gift cards will not be applied to the challenge spend requirement.
  • Any earned Groupon Bucks will be added to your account on January 20, 2020.
  • Groupon Bucks you earn will expire 15 days from issuance

Guru’s Wrap-up

A decent promotion that can get you some extra savings for your Groupon purchases.

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