GroceryPass App, Free $10 in Groceries Each Month

GroceryPass is an app that promises to gives you free money to spend on groceries each month. The GroceryPass App offers a grocery savings program that costs $10 per month. In return for that membership fee, you get $20 every month to spend on groceries anytime and anywhere. That’s a net profit of $10 a month and $120 a year.

GroceryPass App

There’s not details for now on how the credit you get will work exactly for now. You’re just joining a waiting list. You can then decide if it makes sense for you, one the app goes live.

Free Month Signup Bonus

GoceryPass is offering one free month, when you sign up through a referral link. You can use my referral link here.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Free $10 to spend on groceries every month is good enough for me, so I signed up already. We’ll see how they deliver once it goes live. They say they work with different brands and merchants in order to offer these savings.

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