Getaround Car Rental, $20 Signup Bonus or $40 Credit for $5.75

Getaround is a car rental company where you rent cars from other people. You can rent hourly or for a whole day. Currently they have a $20 signup bonus for new customers. You can sign up here with my referral.

getaround bonus

Then you can save even more through Groupon. They are currently offering a $40 Getaround credit for just $5.75. You can choose a vehicle to rent for one hour or up to a whole day. This offer is also for new customers, so I’m not sure if it stacks.

Getaround is a car sharing service that gets you driving in three easy steps. You simply search for cars in your area using the Getaround app or website, enter your license and credit card number, then book and unlock the car using your phone. Car owners make this all possible by renting out their cars to their neighbors by the hour or by the day, and Getaround provides insurance with every rental.

I haven’t used them yet. You can also share your own car if you want.

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2 thoughts on “Getaround Car Rental, $20 Signup Bonus or $40 Credit for $5.75

  1. Groupon also says for new customer, so does getaway allow you to stack both the codes? Can I use groupon multiple times?

    • I’m not sure. I mention it in the article that it’s for first time only, but don’t know if it stacks.

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