Get $20 Gift Card When You Make $100 Purchase With Amex Through Walmart Pay

Warning: I checked with a Walmart CSR and was told that “we do not have that offer on our website” and it is not a legitimate website. They added that it will be reported to their Management Team so they can take the proper actions. I also checked with Amex just in case, and they they don’t see any such offers on their end.

CSRs are not always 100% reliable, so you can still go ahead and test it out if you’d like and especially if you would make a Walmart purchase regardless of the offer. Worst case scenario you don’t get $20 Walmart gift card.

When you spend $100 or more with any American Express Card using Walmart Pay between November 25 and December 31, 2016, you can get a $20 Walmart eGift Card. See promo page.

Walmart Pay.jpeg

How to get $20 gift card

  1. Open Walmart app and tap Walmart Pay
  2. Load your American Express Card into your Walmart Pay account
  3. Use your American Express Card to make an in-store purchase of $100+ through Walmart Pay at any US Walmart store by December 31, 2016
  4. A $20 Walmart eGift card will be loaded into your Walmart Pay account by Walmart after you complete your qualifying purchase

The offer is valid in-store only. Limit of one $20 Walmart eGift Card per Walmart Pay account.

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