Social Nature: Free Dozen Pasture-Raised Eggs and More

Freebies from Social Nature

Social Nature is a website that gives out freebies and discount on select products that you can buy at many supermarkets around the country. This is similar Aisle.

One of those freebies right now is:

How it Works

  1. Sign up and complete your profile in just 2 minutes! Answer some questions about your dietary preferences and where you shop.
  2. Apply to try the products you’re interested in sampling and complete a short survey. Things like if you have heard of the product, or ever bought it before?
  3. For most products, you’ll receive a voucher to redeem at a participating store near you. For others, you can order the product online with a unique promo code or receive your sample right at home.
  4. Once you’ve tried your product, head over to “My Products” page to leave a review and share your experience. 


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