Free Serve Loads At Rite Aid and Dollar General

American Express Serve has joined forces with Dollar General and Rite Aid to expand its Free Cash Reload network as per this press release, allowing eligible Account holders to add cash to their cards for free at thousands of additional locations around the country.

American Express Serve

With this move, American Express continues to have the largest Free Cash Reload network in the United States, now with over 45,000 Dollar General, CVS/pharmacy, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Walmart, and participating 7‑ELEVEN locations.

After an Account holder adds cash to an eligible American Express Serve Account at the register, the money is available to use immediately in store or online wherever American Express Cards are accepted.

As we all know, sometimes debit cards can also be used to load Amex Reloadable products. The two new additions are good news since most people will probably have one of these two merchants nearby. However policy varies from one location to the other and cashiers might require loads with cash only.

There’s reports that VGC reloads are accepted at least at one Rite Aid in a NYC location, specifically in Manhattan. There might be a few issues initially since most cashiers will not know how to do the Serve reloads.

Show restraint. You don’t want to ruin this for yourself and others by being too greedy at your local store. Hopefully this lasts, since options had really dried out in NYC after the demise of Redbird.

Which Serve Card Should You Get?

If you do not have a Serve card or are planning to switch from Bluebird or Redbird (if you still have one), then there’s a few flavors to chose from. First you have to close your Bluebird/Redbird since you can only have one of these Amex products.

The obvious choice for most in the One Vip Card From American Express Serve or just OV Serve. It has a $1 monthly fee that can be waived with a $500 direct deposit (loads should work). More importantly, it comes with free reloads. So it’s basically a fee free option to unload your gift cards.

If you’re in NY, TX or VT, then you have the choice of either OV Serve or American Express Serve Free Reloads (Green Serve). They both have free reloads and no monthly fees in those three states.

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  1. sorry How can I benefit from this? Can I unload vanilla gift cards onto Serve ?
    I thought they would only accept cash.
    Thank You

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