(Expired) Free Galaxy Phone With New TD Bank Account

For a limited time, in select states, TD Bank is giving away a free Samsung Galaxy phone when you open a new checking account. Getting the free phone is pretty easy. Just open a new account online and claim your free phone. However, TD Bank doesn’t specify anything else about the phone, besides it being a “Samsung Galaxy” phone. That’s usually not a good thing. If they had the latest Galaxy phone as an offer, they’d be screaming about it from the rooftops.

Free Galaxy Phone With New TD Bank Account

Judging from the location of the front camera and the shape of the home button, I’d guess it’s a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, if they’re sticking with the best Galaxy phones. But there’s so many Galaxy phones out there, that it’s hard to pin point exactly. Let me know if you can tell what it is.

There’s another catch. The free phone offer is only available with select service plans, data and messaging features and a new or upgrade two-year subscriber agreement. So unless this is a pretty good “Samsung Galaxy” phone, I’d stay away. TD Bank had a $150 bonus offer a few months ago, so that might be a better idea.

If you’re in the market for a new phone it’s probably worth it to contact TD Bank, or inquire at a branch, for more specific information since everything in the offer page is pretty vague.

Offer Details

  • Apply here (Online Only)
  • Account Type: Convenience Checking (best option)
  • Availability: CT, DE, DC, FL, ME, MD, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA
  • Expiration Date: None
  • Inquiry Type: Soft pull
  • Credit Card Funding: Yes, up to $300
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: No
  • Other requirements: No
  • Monthly Fee: Yes ($100 to waive a $15 monthly maintenance fee)
  • Closing Account Fee: No (must be kept open for 90 days)


2 thoughts on “(Expired) Free Galaxy Phone With New TD Bank Account

  1. Wait, did you think they were going to give it away without requiring it to be activated? LOL! There are multiple choices available depending on your carrier. I got a Samsung Galaxy s6. You need to have either existing service or sign up for a 2 year contract for a new plan. Nothing new here. You’d find the same thing if you went to Verizon or Spring (for a whole lot more money). To see what is available for your provider go here: http://tdbank.wasvcs.com/catalog/list

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