Fitbit Versa for $89.99 at Macy’s

Fitbit Vers has been on sale at Macy’s and Amazon today for just $89.99. It is not out of stock but you should be able to price match from Target or other retailers.

Click the link below and press escape before it refreshes and shows unavailable:

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Should be pretty easy to price match over chat. I did it at Target myself and got one for a Christmas gift.

2 thoughts on “Fitbit Versa for $89.99 at Macy’s

    • DDG – Based in NYC. Points/miles enthusiast for years and actively writing about it for the last two years at Danny the Deal Guru. I'm always looking out for deals. Making a few bucks is always nice, but the traveling is by far the best part of this business.
      DDG says:

      That sucks. I wasn’t able to place an order at all at Macy’s. Got it from Target myself.

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