Fidelity Amex, Now with a $50 Sign Up Bonus

The Fidelity® Investment Rewards® American Express® Card issued by Bank of America now has a $50 sign up bonus. The bonus itself is nothing to write about, but it is a nice addition to a card that already comes with some great benefits. And, it has no annual fee.

Fidelity Amex 50

You will receive a 5,000 ($50) point signup bonus if you spend $500 within 60 days of account approval.

Now looking at the benefits of the card, the main one that jumps out is the 2% back on all purchases when the rewards are direct deposited to a Fidelity account. There’s no limit to the rewards you can earn.

The other benefit of this card is that you can load Serve with up to a $1000 a month. This is a branded Amex card, so you will earn cash back when loading Serve. Considering the end of credit card loads for Redbird, you might want to look at Serve for an easy $20 monthly, when loading it with a Fidelity Amex.


  • No Annual Fee
  • Earn 2 points for every dollar in net retail purchases charged to the Card. There’s no limit to the rewards you can earn. For every $2,500 in purchases you make, $50 can be automatically deposited into your eligible Fidelity account.
  • Now with chip technology for enhanced security and protection when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals in over 130 countries
  • 0% Introductory APR for the first 12 Statement Closing Dates following the opening of your account for transactions made within 60 days of opening your account.
  • Apply Here

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