Fidelity Announces New Card, Ends Sign Ups For Current 2% Cards

Fidelity has a two 2% cards, a Visa and an Amex. The latter is the more interesting one. It earns 2% everywhere, even when loading Serve online (1K monthly).

fidelity amex.png


Signups for both cards have now been halted and Fidelity has announced they they will release a new credit card on January 4th. For now they’re calling it “Fidelity 2% Cash-Back Card“.

But it says that, you can “earn up to 2% cash-back”, which might hint that this will not be a card similar to the Fidelity Amex, but more like the Fidelity Visa, which has a tiered earning, that goes to 2% after a certain spending threshold.

The new card most likely won’t an Amex, since it was rumored earlier this year that they might drop Amex as a partner. That’s bad news if you don’t have the card, since it limits the non-Amex issued Amex cards (you can still sign up for the BBVA NBA Amex).

We’ll find out more in a few days, but it’s hard to see any positives coming out of this switch.

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