eBay’s Collection Agency Sues eBay

eBay's Collection Agency lawsuit

eBay’s Collection Agency Sues eBay

eBay had hired IC System, Inc. to go after delinquent accounts. But IC System has turned around and filed a lawsuit against eBay itself. IC System says that eBay provided inaccurate customer data that got it into legal trouble.

IC System says that it pursued an account primarily based on data offered by eBay. But later it was discovered that the person in question was not an eBay customer in any respect. So that person, Michael Reid, sued IS Systems.

“On December 14, 2012, a putative class motion was filed in america District Courtroom for Arizona captioned Michael Reid v. I.C. System, Inc.. The named plaintiff, Michael Reid, was known as by ICS in its efforts to gather on a overdue eBay vendor account utilizing a cellular phone quantity equipped as Buyer Info offered to ICS by eBay. Sadly, Mr. Reid didn’t have any account with eBay and had not offered his cellular phone quantity to ICS, eBay, or in any other case consented to be known as on his cellular phone.”

So IS Systems sued eBay eCommerceBytes reports.

“The shortage of accuracy within the Buyer Info offered by eBay to ICS was a breach of a fabric time period of the Assortment Contract and triggered an obligation on behalf of Defendant to defend and indemnify Plaintiff. ICS made renewed requests for protection and indemnification throughout the course of the Reid Matter litigation, however eBay refused to defend or indemnify ICS within the Reid Matter.”

Lawsuit Info

The case is “IC System, Inc. v. eBay, Inc.” filed in the Northern California District Court on April 17, 2020, Case # 5:20-cv-02667.

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