Online Double-Dipping At Target Is Dead

The target REDcard is a great card to have if you do a lot of shopping at Target. You get 5% on all purchases. It got even better for online shopping. You were able to purchase discounted Target gift cards and then use them for online purchases and still get the 5% REDcard discount. You would always be able to get at least 10% off, but you could get 15% off or slightly more. You only needed to have a REDcard linked to your account, without actually charging anything on the card.

Double-Dipping At Target

That’s now dead. Online orders will be the same as in-store orders. The 5% REDcard discount will only apply to the portion of the purchase that was charged to the REDcard, effectively ending the double-dipping possibilities.

Sad to see this one go. It made deals at Target so much better.

HT: milestomemories

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