Divvy Business Card, Up to 7X Earning and No Annual Fee

Divvy Review

Divvy Review, Is This the Right Card for You?

Divvy is a spend management platform. With Divvy, companies can eliminate the need for expense reports, gain real-time visibility of their company spending, and more. It also comes with a Divvy Business Card, which has no annual fee and incentivizes early payments with flexible rewards. You can earn as much as 7X on select categories, but redemption options are limited. Divvy also has useful budgeting features. However, there’s no welcome bonus, and benefits are limited, especially when it comes to travel and protections.

While Divvy’s corporate card program is similar to financial services you might get from a bank, Divvy itself is not a bank. Divvy partners with Cross River Bank to issue its corporate card.

And now, let’s get into this Divvy review and see if this is a card that makes sense for you.

Divvy Business Card

The Divvy Business Card has no annual fees, no monthly fees, no initiation fees. It’s just free. There’s no extra fees for requesting employee cards either, and there’s no maximum limit on employee cards. You can also generate a unique 16-digit card number anytime you need one. Use it for one-time purchases or for your subscriptions. 

One unique feature of the card is that you can allocate the line of credit as you like. The budget feature can assign the amount of credit for specific situations, or for each employee. Once the credit limit is reached on a specific card, transactions will be declined. The account owner has an easy to use dashboard to control all the budgets.

One big downside is the fact that there’s no signup bonus.


Divvy offers a flexible rewards structure. If you choose to pay off your statements more frequently, you’ll earn more on every purchase. This is similar to how the Brex card works. Currently Divvy has three categories that earn bonus points: restaurants, hotels, and recurring software subscriptions. Here are the earning ratios depending on your payment frequency. 

If you pay off your bill weekly, you earn:

  • 7x points on restaurants
  • 5x on hotels
  • 2x on recurring software subscriptions
  • 1.5x on everything else

If you pay off your bill every two weeks, you earn:

  • 4x points on restaurants
  • 3x on hotels
  • 1.75x on recurring software subscriptions
  • 1x on everything else

If you pay off your bill monthly like most credit cards, you earn:

  • 2x points on restaurants and hotels
  • 1.5x on recurring software subscriptions
  • 1x on everything else

You can also earn up to 2.25% on ad spending if you spend $3,000 or more every month depending on your account type.

You can redeem rewards for travel, gift cards, statement credit, and cash back. Travel is the best redemption option with a value of 1 cent per point. The other options get about half the value.

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Divvy Travel

The Divvy Travel feature allows users to find deals on hotel accommodations and transportation. Users can also book both corporate and personal travel via the platform, using cash or rewards. Divvy claims that you can save up to 50% on travel costs compared to Expedia, Trivago and other online travel agencies.

Payment Services

With Payments Services, Divvy handles the manual work of processing payments and remittance for your large invoices, while offering rewards that you won’t get with ACH or checks.

  • Send Divvy a list of the invoices to be paid and your team hours of manual data processing, check cutting and envelope licking.
  • By limiting the amount a vendor can spend, you ensure you never get overcharged by vendors.
  • Unlike ACH and checks, paying with Divvy helps you earn rewards. When you pay vendors with a virtual card, you get rewarded on the spend.
  • A real-time dashboard will show what vendors have spent their payments.
  • Instead of waiting on snail mail and checks to clear, you can send payment via an instantly-available virtual card.

The dashboard is one of Divvy’s greatest features. It helps you run your business smoothly while keeping up with all your invoices, payments, expenses and more more. And it’s all in one place for you to see.

Other Divvy Features

  • Automatic expense reports when you spend. That way you never have to worry.
  • Send and request money out to your team in seconds with send and request. It’s like Venmo for your business.
  • Use virtual cards to see and manage your subscriptions all in one place. Freeze or delete a card anytime.
  • Budget the way your company spends. Manage and assign budgets to groups or individuals and track spend in real-time.
  • Call, chat, or email with customer service at any time.
  • Save with partners:
    • Amazon Web Services: $25,000 in credit over two years
    • Google Ads: $150 off
    • FedEx Office: $15 off any order
    • Costco: $50 off becoming a new member
    • Verizon Wireless: $50 off a new phone

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  • The first thing is the lack of a signup bonus obviously. 
  • Another downside is that the Divvy Business Card has foreign transaction fees, and this goes against the “no hidden fees” claim.
  • Some new business will need to spend at least $5,000 every month in order to earn rewards. This is on a case by case basis.

Divvy Review: Guru’s Wrap-up

Divvy comes with promises of high earning rates, no fees, and all-in-one service for businesses. And it does deliver in some aspects but also there’s room for improvement.

Usually a big signup bonus like we often see with Brex, would be a good starting point. But Divvy offers no bonus at all. However if restaurants and hotels are a big expense category for business, you can earn up to 7x and 5x respectively. That’s the best earning rate for restaurants by far. You do need to pay off your bill weekly though to earn the highest rates.

There are plenty of other perks and benefits which could be valuable based on your business needs.

Let me know if you already use Divvy, or what you think about it. Are the benefits worth it?


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