Costco, 15.5% Off iTunes Gift Cards

Costco is selling discounted iTunes gift cards. These cards are usually discounted by up to 7.5%, but thanks to an extra discount right now, it gets much better. Here’s the offers:

  • $100 iTunes gift cards for $84.49
  • $25 iTunes gift cards for $21.49

The $100 gift cards will get you the best discount at 15.5% off. There’s no $200 denominations available this time around. The offer is available until 2/16/2019. The deal should be available in stores as well, but I believe they only sell 4-packs of $25 gift cards there.

Discounted iTunes Gift Cards

Offer Terms

  • Limit of 2 per member per denomination.
  • Valid 2/10/19 through 2/16/19. While supplies last.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

You need a membership in order to get the discount. With their more expensive Gold Star Executive membership, you also earn 2% cashback. Then you can earn at least 2% in credit card rewards. Limits usually reset every 48 hours.

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2 thoughts on “Costco, 15.5% Off iTunes Gift Cards

  1. data point: Just picked up two $100 denomination itunes cards at my central va area costco. (Had to ask; they found them in the stock room; didn’t even know about the promotion….. 🙂 Yet the extra $10 off loaded to the computer just fine.) Had already bought them on-line few days ago. No probs.

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