New Delta SkyMiles Select Program Offers Few Perks for $59 Fee

Delta SkyMiles Select

New Delta SkyMiles Select Program Offers Few Perks for $59 Fee

Delta has launched a new program called SkyMiles Select that offers passengers some perks on their flights for an annual fee of $59. Those who subscribe will have access to Delta’s Group 1 boarding, which means easier access to overhead bin space. They will also get eight free drink vouchers and a luggage tag.

This new product is likely aimed at people who fly somewhat frequently, but do not have any American Express credit cards that offer some of these perks. These would also be people that are not chasing elite status with the airline.

United Airlines has a somewhat similar program for Economy Plus. It gives customers access to extra-legroom seats, with an annual fee of $599.

Is it a Good Value?

If you already have American Express Delta credit cards, then you would probably not pay for this program. But people who fly Delta and want some more perks such as early boarding or free drinks, could very well go for it. There’s many people who shy away from credit cards, so this could be an option to get those benefits.

But Delta’s Group 1 boarding doesn’t really mean that you’re boarding first. You would still board after active duty military members, first and business class, and many frequent flyers with Elite status. But it looks like this can be used even when flying in Basic Economy, which would be the last group to board otherwise.

Delta values the program at $100. The drinks alone could be worth about $70, so if you often drink on-board, it will definitely pay for itself. As for Group 1 boarding and the free tag, everyone will have their own valuation.

Guru’s Wrap-up

I think it’s an interesting idea and there might be a market for it. It’s probably not exciting news for many readers who have American Express credit cards or Elite status.

Would you consider signing up for the Delta SkyMiles Select program? Let me know in the comments.

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