Delta One Lounge at JFK Coming Soon

Delta One Lounge

Delta One Lounge at JFK Coming Soon

Delta Air Lines has a network of Delta Sky Club lounges. There are more than 50 locations with complimentary cocktails, fresh and healthy food options, free high-speed Wi-Fi and more. These are lounges open to members, and also select credit card holders and premium cabin travelers. The latest Sky Club just opened at LAX, and other locations have also seen upgrades in recent years.

However, Delta does not have lounges dedicated to just premium travelers, like the other legacy carriers. United has Polaris Lounges and American has its Flagship Lounges.

But that will change soon, and this time is not just rumors. TPG confirms that the airline is working to launch Delta One Lounges for its premium travelers. Claude Roussel, the airline’s managing director of Sky Clubs, has revealed some details regarding Delta’s lounge network.

“We are doing [a premium lounge] in New York-JFK,” he told TPG, adding that “having a differentiated experience as we are planning for in JFK is important.” The Delta One Lounge is in its early planning phase, but it will be located at a new space at Terminal 4. Delta is also looking at other airports for future lounges. Roussel mentioned that the rest are still up in the air, with Los Angeles being a big contender.

Delta is not focusing on new business-class-only lounges. The Atlanta-based airline is also planning new Sky Clubs. The next location to open, according to Roussel, will be in June, at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. After that, the Sky Club in Tokyo-Haneda will open its doors during the last week of July or the first week of August. Later in the year you will be able to enjoy the brand-new club at Chicago’s O’Hare airport’s Terminal 5.

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