Delta Changes Boarding Process to Back-to-Front Until May 31st

Delta Changes Boarding Process

Delta Changes Boarding Process to Back-to-Front Until May 31st

Delta Air Lines has made changes to boarding procedures to encourage social distancing for customers. Delta’s new system-wide boarding procedure lets passengers in the back rows of the aircraft to board first.

Starting April 10, all flights will follow a back-to-front boarding process to support social distancing and reduce the instances of customers needing to pass by one another to reach their seat. The measures will be in place through May 31 and may be adjusted or extended depending on COVID-19 developments.

  • Pre-boarding, as always, includes those who need extra time and assistance. During the main boarding process, customers will be invited to board by rows, starting from the rear of the aircraft, forward.
  • Customers are encouraged to help with good social distancing practices by waiting for their row to be called. Those seated in Delta One or First Class, as well as Diamond Medallion Members, remain welcome to board at any point during the boarding process.
  • The new process builds on the metered, or spaced, boarding that began in early April, and boards fewer customers at a time to allow for more distance between them.

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