CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card, $95 Fee for Additional Users

cnb visa additional users fee

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card, $95 Fee for Additional Users

As you might have heard already, the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card losing many benefits next year. But now there’s also confirmation that additional users will cost $95 each. Starting next year, you will be charged $95 for every additional card. Here’s the relevant part of the notice that was sent out to cardholders as posted on reddit:

The fee will be charged on the anniversary date. Unlike other banks though, CNB does not refund annual fees once they post to your account. So if you have your primary card, or additional cards open by your anniversary date, you will be charged a non-refundable fee. That’s $400 for the primary card and $95 for each additional card.

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite authorized user cards don’t really have many perks as of next year, so it doesn’t make sense to keep them open. Try to maximize everything before the year is up, and if you plan to keep the card, make sure you cancel additional cards at least.

Guru’s Wrap-up

The CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card a huge value, and still does, until the year is over. But now, with the most valuable benefits being cut back, it only makes sense to get the card with a big signup bonus. Plus there’s no point any longer to add or keep authorized users in the account.

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