CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card Takes Another Hit? Point Redemptions Devalued

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite points devalued

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card Takes Another Hit

The CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card is one of the most valuable premium cards out there. It comes with a $400 annual fee is not waived, but also has some sweet benefits, especially when you add authorized users as well. There’s rumors of some huge negative changes though, which is not surprising considering what this card offers.

Points Devalued

But there’s more bad news. Looks like City National Bank has devalued the points you earn with the Crystal Visa Infinite card. The change has probably happened sometime during the last few days as it is reported on reddit. Until now you could get a value of 1.35 cents per points when using them to book flights through the bank’s travel portal. That was really a 1.2cpp value, since the prices showing in their OTA were actually inflated a bit compared to other sites as per FM.

But now it’s even worse. Instead of 1.35cpp, you get only 1.2cpp on flights booked through their travel portal. And the prices are still inflated. That means that you’re not getting a real value somewhere between 1cpp and 1.1cpp.

Guru’s Wrap-up

As I mentioned above, this card offers way too much value for a $400 annual fee. So it’s not a surprise that we see this devaluation of points and likely a devaluation of benefits in the future.

Do you have the card or thinking of getting it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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