Citigold Checking, 50K AA Miles Sign Up Bonus Is Back

The Citigold AA bonus is back. You can now get again a 50,000 AA miles bonus if you sign up before 3/31/16.

Citibank Account Citigold

This offer is available to Citi / AAdvantage credit cardmembers who receive this communication but you should be able to apply and make sure to use promo code WD3QFS2Y4C. You can call in and verify to make sure you’re eligible.

To qualify to earn American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles, open a new Citigold Checking account by 3/31/16. Then, within 60 days after account opening: the required $1000 minimum amount of purchases using the Citibank Debit Card must be posted to the new checking account AND 1 qualifying bill payment must be posted to the new checking account each month for two consecutive calendar months.

Qualifying bill payments are those made using Citibank Online, Citi Mobile or CitiPhone Banking. Bills paid by making a transfer between linked accounts and/or transfer payments made to accounts within Citibank or to accounts with Citibank affiliates do not qualify as bill payments for this offer.

Qualifying purchases are those made using the Card to buy goods and services and are net of returns and other adjustments. ATM withdrawals, cash back and bill payments do not qualify as Citibank Debit Card purchases. Net qualifying purchases are determined in Citibank’s sole discretion and must post to the new account within 60 days of account opening. If you don’t see your points by then, call in and they will post them manually.

AAdvantage bonus miles are earned on a per account basis and based upon all debit card purchases by all customers when the new checking account is the primary account linked to a debit card.

Funding the account

The account allows for credit card funding up to $100K so that is a nice bonus in itself. Only Visa and Mastercard are allowed and make sure to set your cash advance limit lower than the funding balance, to avoid cash advance fees. If you’re funding with an amount close to your credit limit (which you should), then that should already be over your cash advance limit.

Capital One with treat the funding as cash advance so don’t bother with it. Citi and Barclay are your best bets. I went for the previous 40K TYP offer and had no problems using my 25K limit on my Barclay card. You might want to notify your card issuer before charging such large amounts. DoC has some more advice regarding the process (it’s for the previous offer which was similar).

You need to print out a form for the credit card deposit during the application and fax it in. But you can also call after the account is opened to do the credit card funding. It’s quick and painless if you get the right customer rep. Make sure to look for someone to help with newly opened accounts. Some customer reps won’t know what you;re talking about or even that credit funding is an option.

Needless to say, this is an amazing offer that will give you a ton of miles without a hard inquiry on your credit report.


As mentioned above this offer is targeted per terms, but anyone with the code should get the bonus. Just make sure you have a AA Citi card before opening it. Another question is churn-ability. Terms say the offer is for new consumers only, which should indicate that you can only receive the bonus once. But it also says the following

To be eligible for this limited-time offer, you must not currently have a consumer checking account with Citibank. You are not eligible for this offer if you were a signer on or owner of a Citibank consumer checking account within the last 60 calendar days.

This makes a bit unclear now. It looks like you might be eligible again after 60 days based on this. But it definitely very YMMV. There’s been some reports on people getting the bonus again, but personally I haven’t tried it yet. You can at least still get your credit card point/miles from funding even if you don’t get the bonus.


The Citigold account comes with a $30 monthly fee. To avoid it you need to have more than $50K or more in your accounts, which is not worth it. The fee is waived for the first two months, so you just might have to pay 2-3 monthly fees until you can close your account. The bonus miles should post 90-days from the end of the month when you completed the requirements.

Offer Details

  • Apply here (use code WD3QFS2Y4C)
  • Account Type: Citigold Checking
  • Availability: No restrictions
  • Expiration Date: March 31, 2016
  • Inquiry Type: Soft
  • Credit Card Funding: Up to $100K
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: No
  • Other requirements: $1000 debit card purchase, 1 ore more bill pay for two consecutive months
  • Monthly Fee: Yes ($30, waived first two months)
  • Closing Account Fee: No


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