Citi Adds New Credit Card Perk to Finance Large Amazon Purchases

Citi Flex Pay on Amazon

Citi Flex Pay on Amazon

Citi is expanding digital lending through a new collaboration with Amazon. It is called Citi Flex Pay on Amazon. Citi says that more than one-third of active cardmembers made at least one purchase on Amazon in the past year and millions of cardmembers shop using their ThankYou Points to redeem for purchases through Shop With Points on Amazon. That is not the best use of points normally but we often see promotion that give you great discounts.

Now Citi and Amazon have come together to offer another convenient, easy financing option at checkout. With Citi Flex Pay on Amazon eligible existing Citi cardmembers who have made a recent purchase on Amazon using their Citi card and have a cart of $100 or more now have the option to seamlessly finance their Amazon purchase at point of sale.

Citi Flex Pay on Amazon is an easy way for cardmembers to pay for their larger purchases. They can choose the duration of the plan and with no application, no credit inquiries, no incremental fees and a lower APR than their card’s standard purchase rate. If you currently earn rewards on purchases on your Citi credit card, you will continue to do so.

You should avoid paying over time, even with a lower APR. Whatever you buy, will end up costing you more. But some people might need to make necessary purchases. So being able to pay over time and save a bit on interest, is a big help.

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