Citi Changes Rules, Limits Card Bonuses To NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY?

Citi has changed the restriction for sign-up bonuses on all the applications.

new citi bonus rules

Previously it limited new credit card sign-up bonuses to one in 24 months for each family of cards. So you could only get one American Airlines credit card bonus every two years for example.

While that language is still in the application page, there’s new language on the terms of the applications regarding the sign-up bonus:


I checked a few cards and all applications has the same language on them, so I doubt this was changed by mistake. I believe the terms stated the same 24 month restrictions previously.


The new language is very vague and it’s not clear what they mean by “new”. But we’ve rarely seen any bank getting more lenient on churners lately so I’m assuming this is more like Amex’s once per lifetime rule, than any new account. We should get a better understanding soon.

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2 thoughts on “Citi Changes Rules, Limits Card Bonuses To NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY?

  1. I don’t think that is new. It is simply there to mean that you can only get the bonus with a new account, rather than if you are already an account holder. Compare this to the American Express terms, which say “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.”

  2. can’t they really not see how vague this is? might as well put in terms we’ll flip a coin to decide if you’ll get the bonus

    I agree that it’s more like once per lifetime per card (not brand of cards) but i’m hoping they’ll just start giving out bonuses to everyone to get those restricted from 5/24 and amex 1/lifetime

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