Chipotle Data Breach Settlement, Get $250 or More If You Had Fraudulent Charges

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Chipotle Data Breach Settlement

From on or about March 24, 2017 to April 18, 2017, certain Chipotle restaurants, as well as Pizzeria Locale restaurants which are owned by Chipotle, were the target of a cyber-attack in which criminals accessed its computer systems. The Security Incident potentially resulted in unauthorized access to customer payment card data, including payment card number, expiration date, and sometimes name. Subsequently, this lawsuit was filed asserting claims against Chipotle relating to the Security Incident. If you were affected by this you can claim up to $250 reimbursement for various out-of-pocket expenses and also $25 for each fraudulent charge.

Chipotle Data Breach Settlement

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Who’s Eligible?

You are included in the Settlement Class if you reside in the United States and used a credit or debit card to make an in-store point-of-sale purchase (online payments were not affected) at an affected Chipotle or Pizzeria Locale restaurant while payment card data at the store was at risk, and you had out-of-pocket expenses, fraudulent charges, lost time spent dealing with fraudulent charges or card replacement issues, or unreimbursed extraordinary monetary losses as a result of the Chipotle Security Incident.  The time frame of the incident is generally from March 24, 2017 through April 18, 2017, although the specific dates during which data was at risk vary on a store-by-store basis.

This information is included in the spreadsheet attached to the notice as Appendix A and is also available on the settlement website.

How Much Do I Get?

Class Members are eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $250 (in total) for the following categories of out-pocket expenses resulting from the Security Incident:

  • unreimbursed bank fees;
  • unreimbursed card reissuance fees;
  • unreimbursed overdraft fees;
  • unreimbursed charges related to unavailability of funds;
  • unreimbursed late fees;
  • unreimbursed over-limit fees;
  • long distance telephone charges;
  • cell minutes (if charged by minute);
  • internet usage charges and text messages;
  • unreimbursed charges from banks or credit card companies;
  • postage;
  • interest on payday loans due to card cancelation or due to over-limit situation;
  • costs of credit report(s);
  • costs of credit monitoring and identity theft protection;
  • reimbursement of up to four (4) hours of documented lost time (at $20 per hour) spent dealing with replacement card issues or in reversing fraudulent charges (only if at least one full hour was spent and if it can be documented with reasonable specificity);
  • and an additional $25 payment for each credit or debit card on which documented fraudulent charges were incurred that were later reimbursed.

Must submit your Claim Form online or by mail by 11/16/2019.

Do Not Submit False Claims

These settlements enable you to get something back if you were wronged by merchants, manufacturers or other entities. They sometimes reach out to you to let you know that you’re part of a settlement, but that’s not always the case. make sure to check dates and products carefully to see if you’re eligible. You can look here for more settlement rebates that you might qualify for.

Please do not submit fraudulent claims for these settlement rebates. It takes money away from those who deserve a reimbursement, and furthermore it is illegal. You’re usually required to acknowledge something along these lines:

I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that all of the information provided on this Claim Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Settlement Details


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