Chime Offers Disappearing?

Apparently the Chime Card is pulling their offers for people that use them too often. TravelwithGrant reports that his offers do not show up anymore. There’s other reports of people having no offers at all on their Chime account. I checked my account and my offers are still there. I have a balance of $84 and I have used my card a few times only.

Chime Card

I also have a few data points from family members.

  • $52.45 balance and card used 3 times, offers are still there.
  • $59.93 balance and card used 4-6 times, offers are still there.
  • $22.90 balance and card used 3 times, offers are still there.

It looks like if you actually use the offers, you’ll be left without offers. If you want to keep your offers, don’t use them much.

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