Check Your Staples Rewards Accounts, $10 Off $10 Or $20 Off $75 (YMMV)

If you have Staples Rewards, log into your account online and check your “coupon wallet”.


Some people have been targeted with different coupons. The two most interesting are:

  • $10 off $10 coupon
  • $20 off $75 coupon

You might also find some others, not as exciting, with savings on ink purchases etc. That’s what I have.

HT: slickdeals

2 thoughts on “Check Your Staples Rewards Accounts, $10 Off $10 Or $20 Off $75 (YMMV)

  1. I returned empty cartridges on 1-10-20. Acct # 2130331347 when do I get my coupon or money for my 22 cartridges? Also have emailed two times since, to get some feed back. Please let me know?

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