Cheap Fares, NYC/Miami To Several European Cities From $296 RT Non-Stop

There’s some crazy low prices available right now if you’re looking to fly to Europe. You can find fares as low as $296 for a non-stop round-trip flight. Best prices are from NYC or Miami with destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Zurich, London etc.

Cheapest fares will be on Air Europa which is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance and Delta partner. Other destinations will be priced just over $300.

Cheap Fares.jpeg

Start your search on Google Flights to find the best fares for your destination. Then you can head to the LOT website, Momondo or Priceline to book your trip.

Look for these dates to the following cities for best prices.

  • Madrid
    • Departures: May
    • Returns: May
  • Paris
    • Departures: May, September – November
    • Returns: May, September – November
  • Zurich
    • Departures: beginning of May
    • Returns:  beginning of May
  • London
    • Departures: February – beginning of May
    • Returns: February – beginning of May
  • Barcelona
    • Departures: May
    • Returns: May

Let me know if you see any other destinations or even lower prices.

HT: airfarespot

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