Cash Out Amex Platinum Streaming Credits for Amazon Gift Credit

Cash Out Amex Platinum Streaming Credits

Cash Out Amex Platinum Streaming Credits for Amazon Gift Credit

American Express has introduced some limited time perks this year for several credit cards. One of those is $320 in statement credits for Platinum Cards on select streaming and wireless telephone services (up to $20 per month on each, from May through December 2020). Most people can probably easily use these credit monthly. But those who might find themselves looking for an option to cash them out, can do so for Amazon credit.

Gifting Kindle Membership or eBooks

Dans Deals reports that among many other things, a Kindle Unlimited Gift Membership will also trigger the $20 streaming credit. A 6-month membership costs $47.86.

You can gift it to someone else, and they will have the option to use the membership or redeem the value as a gift card. The recipient will get an email for the gift, with a link to redeem as a gift card in the body of the email, or after clicking  ‘get your kindle book now’.

An even better option is gifting an Amazon Kindle eBook. If you gift a book that costs $19.99 you can use up the whole credit without having to spend extra. The recipient of the gifted eBook will once again have the same option to redeem as a gift card.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Streaming services are pretty popular right now, so if you already subscribe to some of them, you can easily use up the $20 monthly credit. But if you don’t currently have a way to take advantage of these streaming credits on your Amex Platinum card, or if you can get a discount with a different payment method, then this could be a good option to cash out these credits.

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3 thoughts on “Cash Out Amex Platinum Streaming Credits for Amazon Gift Credit

  1. Good tips I just tried to purchase & gift the kindle book but since I have an Amazon Gift Card balance on my account the payment went directly to the gift card despite I changed the payment to AMEX on the final payment screen just need to find a work around so the kindle charges to my AMEX & not to the Amazon gift card within my account.

    • Wow ok so that was a process. Since I had $100+ Amazon gift card credits loaded to my Amazon account after contacting CS asking how can I make my AMEX the default payment over my GC, I was informed its not possible as long as I have GC credits there is no way to avoid not using them first.
      The work around for this issue is I had to make multiple ghost Kindle purchases until my GC balance was depleted. Once depleted I purchased & gifted a $19.99 Kindle using my AMEX. Then I had to contact Amazon again through chat providing my ghost order #s to have all of them refunded back to my Amazon GC balance. Wow what a process but for now I will not recharge my Amazon GC balance so I can use my AMEX credits through Dec. BTW if your scrolling looking for a $19.99 Kindle try “We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation”.

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